As a mission statement, this may appear quite simple and at the same time very difficult. How can one begin to “know” Christ? Here at St Mary’s, we are aware that this is an ongoing process which, in essence, will take a lifetime. We begin to learn of Christ from the Holy Scriptures, the teachings of the church, and the laughter of children. The simple joy they express and the trusting nature they have can lead us to come to know Christ.

The hard part comes in play with the phase, to serve Him. To truly serve Christ can only be accomplished with the serving of others, even those from whom we may wish to withdraw. It is easy to serve or help those who are accepted by society, yet the ones that Christ would serve the most are those who often are rejected by society. That is why St Mary’s has called into existence by our Lord. Once you come to know Him, you are compelled to serve him.