The Outreach Ministry continues to extend a helping hand to those in need. Our activities this month included the following:

Img1The Love Baskets collection was completed at the beginning of May. We were able to collect cosmetics, creams and lotions, scarves, compacts, fragrances, cosmetic bags, combs, powders and personal hygiene products in honor of Mother’s Day in excess of $750 and were given to the female residents of Palmetto House and the Domestic Abuse Council. They were very receive these and tthrilled to hank you wholeheartedly for your generosity.

We are currently in the process of collecting used clothing, jeans, T-shirts, new/unused underwear, socks for MEN in honor of Father’s Day for the residents of Palmetto House and for the visitors to HUM. Thus far, we have col-lected in excess of $400 worth of clothing. The collection will continue to June 11th.

In addition to our collections, the month of May and upcoming in June, St. Mary’s is endeavoring to make financial donations to the following groups:

HUM – both Bridge of Hope and Star Center
Family Renew
Pregnancy Crisis Center

Next Month:

The HUM Food Pantry Needs for the Month of June: Fruit and fruit juices, canned meat products, canned Img2veggies, bagged or boxed rice and beans.

The collection for the MONTH OF JUNE, commencing on June 14th, will be a CAREER collection for women, for those in search of a new job, donating to the various ministry partners we have such as Palmetto House, Family Re-new and Star Center. There will be a collection area on the stage in Palmer Hall. Collection will be throughout July . Hoping that everyone has at least one nice outfit they don’t want or need. Why not donate it to help some-one who is looking for a new job?


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