September was a busy month for the Outreach Committee, reaching out the hand of friendship and loving care in two major areas — babies/toddlers and seniors in the Daytona Beach community. Thank YOU!

The Rock-a-Bye Baby Collection for Babies and Toddlers – We just delivered a treasure trove for about $800 worth of items to the Pregnancy Crisis Center and Family Renew. Many families will benefit from the collection of clothes, baby items, diapers, toys, ride on wheels, pack and plays, baby seats, carriers, socks, shoes, booties, pacifier and the like. (pictures below, left Pregnancy Crisis Center, right Family Renew)

Celebrate Grandparents Day with the Council on Aging – The Outreach Committee sponsored the coffee hours at both services on Sunday, September 13th – Grandparents Day, where we collected to try and match the planned donation of $250 by the Outreach Committee….$211 in cash and checks was collected from our members and materials for the Council were offered to our seniors and a check will be sent for the combined total. This will help provide Meals on Wheels and other vital services for seniors.

Monies donated on behalf of St. Mary’s from the Missions and Outreach budget as well as contributions of individual members:

Council on Aging – $250 ($211 matching funds from parish collection at coffee hour) – $461 (check to be mailed by end of Sept) to assist seniors in the Daytona Area with meals on wheels, homemaker and handyman services.

FAITH – $300

Requested HUM Food for the Month of October – Canned Chunky or Bean Soups, Stews, Canned Pasta and Veggies. The food you donate is so needed and so appreciated – please keep it coming!!

Outreach Collection for the Month of October, 2015 – October 4th is St. Francis Day, the patron saint of creatures and animals. To celebrate this special day, the Outreach Committee is collecting pet food for the benefit of DOGS and CATS and the individuals or rely on their companionship who may not be able to afford pet food on a limited income – elderly or displaced. Your donations will go to those in need and a Daytona Beach animal shelter. Please place your donations in the bins on the stage area of Palmer Hall. The collection will run from September 27th to October 11th.

The Outreach Committee of St. Mary’s

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