February 2018

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The Bells Newsletter — 1 Comment

  1. Senior Warden Fran Dunn and my Episcopal brothers and sisters of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Congratulations to you for selecting Fr. Jason to lead you forward in your Christian journey.
    I had the privilege of serving Fr. Jason each Sunday for the several years at our Rite 1 0800 service at Trinity Episcopal Church Vero Beach, FL.
    Let me offer up a bit of unsolicited advice. Look around for something to get a tight grasp of for Fr. Jason will be taking you to places and heights you had never dreamed of.
    I became very close to Fr. Jason and Sharon during there near four years while in Vero Beach. God has blessed you and your community beyond anything you can imagine.
    I wish you Gods Blessings and the very best, as you will hear many times, to Him be the Glory!!

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